Stage Reading of Play Falling Leaves

Adeline book signingOn Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 7:30 p.m the South Coast Repertory and the Philharmonic Society of Orange County presented a play on “Falling Leaves”.  This play was sold out and hugely successful.   This success was not better summarized than this letter written to Adeline:

“Adeline, congratulations on the great success of your new play, Falling Leaves.  It was truly a wonderful evening for all attending.  I certainly had tears in my eyes while watching.

Even though I have read your book and heard you speak about your book several times – it was so moving to hear the actors reading the script.

One listened – and wondered at the cruelty of your siblings.  How can people live with themselves and be so treacherous – especially your sister, Lydia.  To think of how you changed the lives of her two children with your generosity – and then to have her turn against you.  Greed and jealousy – two very powerful forces!!!!!!!!!!

Your script was excellent……the actors were excellent…

The audience was so attentive – you truly could “have heard a pin drop” throughout the entire evening!!!!!!!!!!!”

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