Mission Viejo Readers’ Festival

On September 25, 2010 at 3pm, Adeline will be giving a talk at Mission Viejo Readers’ 2010 Festival.  Her talk will be held at the  Palo Verde Room .  For more information please click here or on the banner above.

Announcement – Chinese Character A Day

Dear Readers,

great wall

For those of you who visit my website and write to me, would you like me to teach you  the Chinese language?

I went to Borders the other day and looked at a Chinese dictionary as well as an electronic tool for learning Chinese.  To my amazement, the price came to US$600.25!  $12.95 for the dictionary, and $539.00 for the electronic CD.  Together with State and local tax, this amounted to $600.25!

My heart went out to the students who wish to learn Chinese.  How can anyone afford this sort of charges?

Then and there, I decided to launch my own program to teach Chinese to every woman, man or child who wishes to learn the language.  AT NO COST WHATSOEVER!  Let this be my gift to you.

If you are interested, all you need to do is to send me a message on my website www.adelineyenmah.com that you want me to teach you Chinese and I will send you a personal email at regular intervals.  These emails will give you  Chinese lessons via the computer using pinyin.  Tell your friends and family or anyone who wish to learn Chinese to send me a message on my website Contact and I will include them.

Teachers can share their newly acquired knowledge of Chinese with their students in a classroom or encourage the students to subscribe to my website themselves.  Once a person has subscribed, I will send him/her regular emails.

For those who do not wish to receive any further email lessons from me, there will be an unsubscribe button embedded in my emails.  All one needs to do is to click on it and no more emails will be sent from then on.

I wish you joy in learning Chinese.


Kitchen Chinese

Dear Reader,

I’d like to introduce you to a fresh, new fiction voice, a young author whose first novel I was thrilled to discover. But full disclosure: it’s my daughter, Ann Mah.

kitchen chineseAnn’s book, Kitchen Chinese, is a funny and poignant story about a young Chinese-American woman who travels to Beijing and discovers China, and herself, through the cuisine. Ann explores family relationships with perception and honesty (she assures me, however, that all the characters are purely fictional!). This is a story about identity, about losing and finding yourself in another culture, a tale that would have touched me even if I weren’t Ann’s mom.

I hope you enjoy discovering Kitchen Chinese – I am confident you will fall in love with this funny, heartfelt novel and I hope you will join me in spreading the word about it.

There is a joke in Chinese that says behind every successful man there is a strong wife – who is just like his mother. Well, behind Kitchen Chinese, there is simply a strong mother! I apologize for being a stereotypical pushy Asian mom… but if you read Kitchen Chinese, you’ll thank me – I promise.


Adeline Yen Mah

Order a copy of Kitchen Chinese now.

Pictures of Ann’s booksigning: