Art Unveiling

  My husband Bob and I traveled to Shanghai last year to visit the area where I grew up, and while we were there we met Jane Chang and Jonathan Chan. The husband and wife team were in the process of developing a four star luxury hotel: the Holiday Inn Shanghai West located at 2000 Hu Qing Ping Road.  Telephone 86-21-3973-8888.

When we showed Jane and Jonathan photographs of Bob’s large abstract painting “Algal Rhythms,” they commissioned him to create a similar work for their hotel lobby.

Bob worked tirelessly for a long time to complete the painting.  The result was “Curvilinear Algal Rhythms,” a spectacular 6ft by 10ft canvas (the largest Bob has ever painted) dotted with graceful forms and flowing lines. The owners of the hotel loved the painting so much that they purchased five other paintings of Bob’s from Marion Meyer Fine Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, where Bob’s paintings are currently represented.

A couple of weeks ago we celebrated the unveiling of Bob’s painting with a party at our home in Laguna Beach. This video footage was taken at that event, and we hope you can sense the festive excitement and that wonderful feeling of kindred spirits coming together to toast my husband’s talent. He has certainly been a constant source of inspiration to me during the 39 years of our marriage.

I hope that you will be enjoying the company of loved ones during the coming Chinese New Year on February 3rd, 2011, Year of the Rabbit.

 When I was a little school girl in Shanghai, it was the ambition of all my classmates to learn English.  Now that I am old and living in California, everyone is asking me the best way to learn Chinese.

How the world has changed! Is Chinese difficult?  Yes and No. The good news is that Chinese has practically no grammar: no singular or plural, no masculine and feminine nouns, no past, present and future tenses. The bad news is that every Chinese character is a picture that needs to be memorized.  But there are shortcuts available.

I wish to thank every reader who visits my website.  It’s great to hear from  you.  In return, I would like to give you a present. 

 All of us recognize that China will probably become the world’s largest economy in twenty years’  time.  Knowing Chinese will not only give you understanding of China’s history and culture, it will also create endless opportunities for a brilliant future.

 Please click on ChineseCharacterADay and sign up for free Chinese lessons.  That is my gift to you.