“Red” is the color of celebration at birthdays and weddings.

“们 mén “

Announcement From Dr. Mah:

More on the word 们 mén

– Dr. Adeline Yen Mah

When the word is placed after a noun or a personal pronoun, it makes that noun or personal pronoun plural.

Example of Nouns :

1. 孩hái 子 zǐ = child

2. 孩 hái子 zǐ们mén = children

3. 人 rén = man

4. 人rén们 mén = men

5. 朋péng 友yǒu = friend

6. 朋péng 友yǒu 们mén = friends

Example of Pronouns

7. 我 wǒ = I

8. 我 wǒ们mén = We

9. 你nǐ = You

10. 你 nǐ 们 mén = All of you

11. 他 tā = He

12. 他 tā 们 mén = They

13. 她 tā = She

14. 她 tā们 mén = They

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Red Envelopes!!

During Chinese New Year, children are given lucky red envelopes containing money.

Red Egg Ceremony (Cont’d 2)

The baby’s forehead is rubbed with a red egg and a bit of his hair is cut off and saved by his mother.

Red Egg Ceremony (Cont’d)

                   Eggs are dyed red and given to friends and relatives at a banquet.