The Color Blue

The five primary colors in China are:

Red Black Yellow White Green

Blue is not one of the five primary colors in China. It is the color of the ocean, the sky and immortality. According to legend,the universe began as an egg. Out of the egg hatched a man named Pan Gu. Half of Pan Gu’s shell became the sky above, and the other half formed the ocean below. Pan Gu grew for 18000 years,separating the sky from the ocean further and further. Finally he collapsed and became immortal.

The Color Green

Green is the color of plants,trees,and woods。It corresponds to spring and the East and has a strange meaning in China。A man who wears a green hat has a wife who is cheating on him. Chinese men avoid green hats, especially if they have beautiful wives.

The Color Yellow

Yellow is the color of earth. It corresponds to the Center. Yellow was reserved for the Emperor and members of the imperial family. No commoner was allowed to wear imperial yellow colors, except by permission from the Emperor. To be given a yellow jacket by the Emperor was a mark of special favor.

The color white (Cont’d-3)

The word white also signifies uselessness and lack of success.

White speech means wasted argument.

White walking means a trip taken in vain.

White arrival means useless visit.

Eating white rice means sponging off one’s host.