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Announcement – Chinese Character A Day

Dear Readers, For those of you who visit my website and write to me, would you like me to teach you  the Chinese language? I went to Borders the other day and looked at a Chinese dictionary as well as an electronic tool for learning Chinese.  To my amazement, the price came to US$600.25!  $12.95 […]

Kitchen Chinese

Dear Reader, I’d like to introduce you to a fresh, new fiction voice, a young author whose first novel I was thrilled to discover. But full disclosure: it’s my daughter, Ann Mah. Ann’s book, Kitchen Chinese, is a funny and poignant story about a young Chinese-American woman who travels to Beijing and discovers China, and herself, through […]

Stage Reading of Play Falling Leaves

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, at 7:30 p.m the South Coast Repertory and the Philharmonic Society of Orange County presented a play on “Falling Leaves”.  This play was sold out and hugely successful.   This success was not better summarized than this letter written to Adeline: “Adeline, congratulations on the great success of your new play, Falling […]

Samueli Theater-Talk

On October 16th, 2009 at the Samueli Theater- Adeline gave a talk on her latest book “A Land of Dragons and Emperors” Adeline signing books after her talk on “A Land of Dragons and Emperors”

China Land of Dragons and Emperors

” I bring you gifts from China: treasures more enchanting than pearls, more precious than jade…This short book holds my personal list of the most fascinating people in China. Their stories have enthralled me my whole life…” Read MORE about Adeline’s recently published history of China.