The First Emperor is a Tyrant and a Genius Man

The First Emperor was a tyrant but also a genius. Besides his tomb, he built the Great Wall and 6500 kilometres (4000 miles) of highways, as well as canals, bridges and palaces

Boy-King With a Mission (Cont’d 3)

By the time he was 38 years old, his country of Qin had defeated the six other states and unified the country. He gave himself the title of First Emperor of All China. (The English name ʻChinaʼ probably came from the word Qin.)

Boy-King With a Mission (Cont’d 2)

As soon as he became King, he transported 700000 (seven hundred thousand) men from all over China to construct a tomb for him just outside his capital city (close to Xian ). He really wanted to live forever and searched for an elixir of immortality, but a grand tomb was the next best thing. The project continued until he died 36 years later. It became by far the most elaborate tomb in the world, a complex of many chambers around a central tomb the height of a 25-storey 25 building.

Boy-King With a Mission (Cont’d 1)

When he ascended the throne in 247 BC, China was divided into seven states long been at war with one another. The boy-king began his reign with three goals. One was to conquer the other six states and unite the country. Another was to be the most powerful ruler in China. The last was to erect the grandest tomb ever built. He succeeded in all three.

Boy-King With a Mission


The man who became First Emperor, Qin Shi-huang, was just 13 years old when he became ruler of the Kingdom of Qin in central-west China. Although only a boy, he was determined to succeed and to make his mark in history.