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  1. Toni Labrador says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    I read your book Chinese Cinderella and I learned to be thankful for the family I have and appreciate what they do for me. I’m sorry to read about your childhood and how tragic it was, but your Ye Ye and Aunt Baba encouraged you when things got tough. Like towards the end of the book when you said you don’t like yourself, father doesn’t even know your own name an when you said you were a piece of garbage. Then your Ye Ye told you not to talk like that, and he has faith in you. Also your Aunt Baba kept all your awards from school in her safe box. Another thing is Mother Louisa got you to write that story for the writing competition. Although your childhood was lonely and sad, today your successful and famous. You make me cherish and admire my family more because of your book!


    Toni Labrador

  2. James says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah

    You’re book (Chinese Cinderella) was one of the best books I ever read. I can’t imagine how it felt to be unloved. I felt bad for through the whole story. Do you still keep in contact with fourth brother and little sister? When I first read the title of your book Chinese Cinderella I said “oh no not another Cinderella fairy tale” but when I started reading it I loved the book. It was an amazing book and I would love to read more of your work! I would recommend this book to anyone who ever likes Non-fiction and sad stories. What I learned from reading your book is just doing or saying anything mean to anyone can change their life. After I was done reading this book I wanted to treat my sister with more respect. (I do treat my sister nice we are best friends just I need to respect her more) Thank you for such an amazing book, Have a great day!!!!


    James T.

  3. Joe says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    I have your read book Chinese Cinderella, and I believe that it is wonderfully inspiring. I had really enjoyed this book with my class, and we all found it sad and humorous at many moment’s. One sad moment that I had felt was when you had lied to Niang about the coin that you were given form Aunt Baba, so that you can keep her safe and not be separated. Because of this you had been whipped by Father in the back!!! Another way I was affected by this was you were sent back to Tianjin to go back to St. Joseph’s School, in the middle of a Communist Takeover in China. This story to me was a great novel. It was inspiring and sad. Please if you may, make more books about your later life and its life story’s?



  4. Ryan Doyle says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah

    After reading your book I have learned many lessons. But one lesson I learned really stuck out to me. This lesson is that you cannot let people bring you down. What this means is every time your siblings or stepmother Niang would tear at you and try and make you feel bad you wouldn’t listen and just keep on doing what you do, which was always the right thing. Now look what you have come to your probably living a great life and making lots of money and I bet you are overall just happy. You had a very rough life and still came out on top and beat everyone that would make you sad. But you did not do it all on your own your grandfather Ye Ye was a very good person that helped helped you realize what you can become too and that’s what you are now which is great. You’ve inspired me with your book and for that I thank you

    Your Fan

    Ryan Doyle

  5. Jake says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    I could feel your sadness. It must feel horrible to not be loved by the people who raised you. However, you handled it the right way by not fighting back and just ignoring them. I was very happy for you when you got to go to college in England, though. A question that I have for you is how is your life now? Did you ever visit your father and Niang? Where did you work for? Do you make a lot of money? I feel really bad for you, and that is why I have all of these questions to make sure you are living a good life right now.

    Sincerely, Jake Copertino

  6. Taylor says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    In your book Chinese Cinderella you taught me and my fellow classmates many valuable lessons. But one that truly did relate to me was how you were still successful in life even with your many struggles and all of your family believing that you were bad luck and being sent away due to this, showed me that if you want to do something you can do it with or without anyone’s approval. Also your book taught me that if you’re in a rough time in your life you can always have friends to let the time feel alright again or even your extended family like your YeYe to encourage you and prove to you that you aren’t garbage. Thank you for allowing me to realize and teaching me these lessons throughout your book!


  7. Justin says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    I have just finished your book Chinese Cinderella. After reading it, I went and started a life story about myself. The book was really inspiring. I will try to open my schedule more so I can go and read the rest of your books. Chapter Twelve must have been devastating to you. Losing PLT must have been very tragic only to you. Your father had picked your duckling because he thought that you were the only one who would trouble him. Skipping grades must have been terrifying for you, with Monica in the third form. I just hope to meet you face to face. But, that might never happen.


    Justin Sanchez

  8. Matthew says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah

    In your book Chinese Cinderella there are many inspiring parts in the book. I have learned many life lessons and other valuable lessons in the book. For example, When Ye Ye tells you to don’t call yourself garbage and don’t give up on yourself. Also, when you were dreaming with Aunt Baba how she will be successful one day and help Aunt Baba. However, you became successful and Father sent you to Europe to study at Medical school. Finally, from kindergarten through your studies in Europe you have shown leadership and courage. In Shanghai and in every other school you attended you have lead your class every time in education. You have inspired many people to keep fighting and to never give up.

    From, Matthew

  9. Jamie says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah

    Hi, I honestly loved your book (Chinese Cinderella )It taught me so many things. However, I feel horrible about everything that happened to you and nobody should treat a human being like your parents treated you. Also I don’t know what your sister is talking about it wasn’t your fault your mother died, Rip. I want to congratulate you on all the accomplishments you have made. As I said I learned many things. One thing I learned was that anything is possible if you just believe, I also learned to never give up. You have published a wonderful book and I will make sure I read more of your book.

    From Jamie

  10. Bridget kelly says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah

    I have learned many things in your book. I have learned to never give up and aspire to your dreams. You went through so much when you were so young because of this I have learned to appreciate my family and my privileges. It was hard for me the grasp the fact that your father, stepmother, and siblings could be so cruel. I believe that you are so strong and brave. You stood up for what was right and that can be hard especially in your situation as it was. You have been a true inspiration to me. I loved learning about you and your life.


    Bridget Kelly

  11. olivia says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    Hi, I have read your story about your childhood from reading your book. I’ve learned so much from it. Even though you were unwanted and abused by your family members you still stayed strong and still kept your mind on your school work. Niang was a horrible step mother to you and she was so evil. Father would only compliment you when you won medals for leading your class and from a writing competition. You tried winning as much medals as you could so farther would notice you. One of the most tragic parts was when Farther let your dog Jackie kill PLT, your precious little treasure. PLT was your best friend and PLT protected you and stood by you always. PLT was your best friend. Toward the end of the book you were sent to boarding school and were asked to skip another grade. You had to come home for a week to recover your sickness .Ye ye inspired you to have big dreams and have hope in yourself. He told you to build your own destiny. This story is very inspirational because it taught me to always be brave and doesn’t worry about what others think of you. Thank you for letting everyone hear this incredible story.



  12. Dan says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    I really enjoyed the story of your life/childhood. I thought at times it was humorous and then it got sad with a lot of drama. I think you were really brave and smart about the actions you made. I like how you compared your life to the story of Cinderella, but I think your story was even worse. I am curious to know how you and your family are doing, even Niang. Anyway, I hope the rest of your life goes better than the first chapter of your life.



  13. Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    You are such an inspiration to me. You have taught me to stay strong even in the most difficult situations. I felt so sad all throughout reading your book Chinese Cinderella. I could not imagine my mom and dad whipping me when I tell a lie or yell at me because I went to my friend’s house. I also could not imagine having to wear old fashioned clothing. So thank you so much for writing this book and teaching me a great life lesson.


    Kaleigh Traynor

  14. Danielle says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    Hello! I have just finished reading your brilliant novel, Chinese Cinderella. It was fantastic! Throughout the book, I have learned many new life lessons. I’ve learned to keep my head up high and don’t let anyone bring me down. For example, when your father forgot your birthday and your name, you didn’t let that bring you down. You stayed brave. You didn’t cry. You moved on, and tried to make him proud of you, and love you. I have also learned to stay strong, even if no one cares.

    Thank you,

    Danielle Di Francesco

  15. Dierdre says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    My name is Dierdre and I am in 8th grade. As a school they decided that your inspiring story Chinese Cinderella, needed to be read in school. Personally, I have learned from your story a new perspective to looking at life. You were so strong to be able to go through life, moving and moving again with no one constantly there. I learned that with a tough heart and the mindset to succeed you can go far. Your story has inspired me to truly never give up no matter what is thrown your way and to stay strong. You ended your life story with the letter from Aunt Baba. She tells you that your life is like that of the story of Cinderella. You helped me remember that even though Cinderella had the tough life, in the end she lived happily ever after because she didn’t give in to the pressure of life. Thank you for allowing me to read your story and bringing tears to my eyes while realizing that even though life is going to be tough everyone who works hard will get their happy ending.


    Dierdre <3

  16. Sara Coyle says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    After reading your book, Chinese Cinderella I learned the importance of family and life. Even though Niang, Father and some of your siblings left you out, you kept Nai Nai, Ye Ye and Aunt Baba close to you. In life I saw that you tried to keep everything positive and focus less on other people rather than yourself. Sometimes people can be cruel, but you always stood your ground. Thank you for teaching me something that I will remember for the rest of my life.


    Sara Coyle

  17. Sophia Piraino says:

    Dear Mrs. Yen Mah,

    In your book Chinese Cinderella you were very inspiring. Even though your parents didn’t care about you, you still never gave up. You tried to get love from them by getting grades and get awards in your class. I have the most respect for you. You are an excellent role model. You are so encouraging. I hope you grew up to be nothing like your parents and are a loving and caring person.

    Sophia Piraino

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