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  1. Ron Gilmore says:

    Thank you for sharing your story. My wife and I adopted our daughter from Guangzhou in 2005. We love her to infinity and thank God for such a blessing. Your story gripped my heart. I wish I could have saved you. We all witness pain amongst family, I do not know why it should be this way.

    God Bless you and congratulations on your strong spirit.

    May the angels from heaven protect you and yours from here on.


  2. Hank Jacobs says:

    你好 Adeline,

    Thank you for enabling me to download a copy of your book “China Land of

    Dragons and Emperors”. It is a wonderful beginning introduction to China.

    我介绍 一下。五年前,我的公司在中国发展了。公司带给我一些中文课。我发现了

    中文,文化 都很有意思。中文课的以后,我继续学习说,写。我交很多中国的朋友。




    在 Irvine, California

    Hank Jacobs


  3. Laurilyn Vallar-Hingada says:

    Dear Mrs. Mah,

    Hi! I just wanted to send a message to u about your book “Chinese Cinderella”. I very much admire your autobiography. It inspired me to continue writing. I stumbled across your book because of a language arts project we must do. Our 8th grade class has to read a biography or autobigraphy and create scrapbooks of that person. I had no clue whatsoever of what person I would do and I just happened to stumble across “Chinese Cinderella”. I checked it out and reading it was a pleasure! I loved how you were able to create an autobiography as if it was a story, a fairytale. Every page was filled with detail and memory. It really brought me to tears! I cant wait to read all your other novels and stories and share to the rest of my class the story of Chinese Cinderella.:)

    Thank you for writing!


  4. Dalyn Acosta says:

    Dear, Adeline,

    You are very confidence with everything you have done the past years. How could you be so full with courage when you was younger? How did it feel to be free from the ‘evil stepmother’, Niang? To be in a shell for 14 years of strict rules and finally braking out. You ar a marvelous role model for everyone across the globe because I know it wasn’t easy being unloved by practically everyone including your family.

    When I think you, I think of a brutally abused child and an unwanted girl, yet powerful and fearless. When you was class president, instead of your parents being proud of you they hit you but you still stood strong and I like that about you. I bet it was tough dealing with everyone blaming you for your past away mom and instead of giving up, you got through your childhood like a warrior.


    Dalyn Acosta

    Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts

  5. Sree says:

    Hello Adeline,

    I have filled in my e-mail address at your website to get the free PDF download of your Chinese History book.

    Even though I entered my address and verified my e-mail in the link that was sent, I never received the PDF or the link to download the PDF. Can you please help me get the PDF or PDF download.

    Thank you,


    • adeline says:

      I have asked my web-master to fix this problem. You will be able to download my book and use it for free lessons. Good luck!


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