Samueli Theater-Talk

On October 16th, 2009 at the Samueli Theater- Adeline gave a talk on her latest book “A Land of Dragons and Emperors”

Line for Adeline

Adeline signing books after her talk on “A Land of Dragons and Emperors”

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  1. Freddie says:

    Thanks for a great time reading your book Chinese Cinderella.

    It really was a touching story and i hope that your life now is better than the one when you were young. You really showed me how awful life really could be at those times, and i’m grateful for that. I’m gonna follow your Ye ye’s words and never stop aiming for my dreams!

  2. kathrina says:

    hi, im kathrina from the philippines, last summer i read your book Chinese Cinderella and was really touched by your story, i cried on every page! i really admire you, you were so brave and so smart! i wish i could meet you in person,,, and im really happy that i was able to find a copy of falling leaves! my eyes are swollen but i really love your story! it melts my heart whenever you talk about your yeye, and your aunt baba.. i hope you can email me personally, your story inspires me a lot.. i wish you good health and more happiness..

  3. samiela says:

    It’s really amazing that you are once treated by your Niang,dad and your brother & sisters like a slave but now you are a successful writer. I hope you can visit here on Philippines keep up the good work. i bet you can still remember your aunt baba, ye ye,victor and Claudine. keep me posted and god bless :))

  4. rachelle^^ says:

    I hope I could meet you in person. I want to see you because I have this in my heart that makes me happy whenever I read your book because your story is real it only proves that anything is possible. I hope I could speak to you. I’d be the happiest girl if you could drop me a line. Thank you so much you inspired me a lot. I hope I could also be a good writer like you so that whenever I succeed I would also make others to do their best. Please..just a mail I will be thrilled. God bless.:)

    Dear Rachelle, Thanks for your email. I’m touched by your sincerity. Please read widely and start writing for the school paper. Adeline

  5. rhose somblingo says:

    …i hope i can find here in the philippines you falling leaves book…. im so excited to read that…….im so thankful to the one of the korean student here in the philippines… because shes the one who give that cinderela book to me…and i shared also to my friends and to my niece…and theyre very like it…thanks a lot…..i really admired you a lot……thanks doc

  6. rhose somblingo says:

    hi doc….thanks for the book… chinese cinderella…. it really inspired me a lot.good luck…..i wish you can visit our country….here in the philippines…………thanks…

  7. Shelly says:

    we ae reading chineae cinderella and it was good but the person reading it is sooooo slow so i read on few pages more but our reading club loves the book

  8. c.h says:

    hello. I have just finished reading your book called ” Chinese Cinderella”. I loved reading about the things you went through and a lot of other things in it aswell. I am hoping to get another book out on yours because it is just so interseting. I was so into the book that it didn’t take me that long to read!!

    I would just like to ocngraulate you on making these books.

    I hope your life is great now compared to back then. 🙁


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